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Preparing a home for sale and staging a home is not the same thing, but in a way, it has the same goal.



First we start with a good preparation plan:

  • Clean everything, make it sparkle and shine.

  • Store personal photos and family memorabilia

  • Declutter every room, surfaces,  furnishings, closets and don't forget the garage.


You get one moment to make a first impression. When potential buyers pull up to the curb in front of your home, you want the home to appeal to them, so they are excited to get out of the car and come inside!



As visitors opens the front door and enters the house, create an environment that makes them feel welcome. There are several ways you can enhance the experience and maintain the excitement to see the rest of the house. Consider all senses, even smells. If you have pets, make sure you have eliminated any pet odors.  



The kitchen is the heart of the home and has a huge influence on the resale value. This is an area you really want to kick it in high gear. Even when searching online, the first photo that will turn off a potential buyer, is that of the kitchen. Declutter cabinets and drawers!


Like kitchens, bathrooms in need of remodeling or upgrading can cause blinding dollar signs in the eyes of potential buyers. Do what you can do to make it look as updated as possible. It may be as simple as changing out the hardware, painting cabinets, and displaying new towels!


Doing the deep cleaning, decluttering, and purging of unnecessary items are the first steps to selling, no matter if you are having the home professionally staged or you are staging it yourself.

Each home has features and a specific layout or flow from room to room. Staging can accentuate the features you want them to notice, while telling a story of how each room can be used. Irregular rooms can be staged in a way to define a flow that makes sense to the potential buyer.

The goal of home staging is to improve the home’s appearance in the eyes of potential buyers as they walk through the front door. The ultimate goal is to sell the home more quickly and for the highest possible price. With home staging you should be able to present your house in a way that appeals to  the largest possible audience.

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Content by Maggie McLaren Walnut Creek Realtor

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